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Florianopolis Brazil Nightlife
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A Day in the Life at Nexus

Florianopolis, Brazil – Welcome to Nexus Surf, your source of information about the best that Florianopolis has to offer!

Florianopolis (or Floripa, as the island is affectionately known by locals) is one of the world’s best surf spots and most stunningly beautiful locations, blessed with 42 pristine beaches, lush rolling hills, soft white sand dunes and sparkling lagoons. In addition, Floripa offers world-class dining and nightlife, as well as a tremendous array of extreme sports activities to please even the most discerning adventure enthusiast. Last but not least, Floripa offers a wealth of cultural attractions, including traditional Brazilian fairs and markets, Azorean architecture, and historical points of interest such as ancient forts used to defend the island against pirates and invaders.

Here at Nexus our goal is to provide you with all the information you'll need to enjoy your visit to Florianopolis to the fullest. You'll find more specifics elsewhere on our site, but for starters here is some information on what helped Floripa earn its nickname, "Ilha da Magia":

Floripa Surf

The Best Surf in Brazil

Florianopolis, the surf capital of Brazil and host of South America's only WCT pro surf tour event, offers some of the world's best surfing. Surfing in Floripa means consistent swell, great shape, incredible variety and a culture that lives and breathes surfing – you won’t find a truer surfer’s paradise anywhere in the world.

The most beautiful beaches you’re likely to have ever seen. Forty-two of them on the island of Florianopolis alone, not to mention the countless surf spots and pristine beaches nearby on the continent.  In Floripa you will have your choice of everything from deserted breaks where the only competition for waves will be an occasional dolphin passing by, to vibrant beaches packed beautiful people and offering the best Brazilian culture has to offer, in and out of the water. Click here for a map of Florianopolis and information on its most popular beaches and surf breaks, or here for a first-hand view of a day in the life

Après-Surf Like You've Never Seen

In addition to great surf, Florianopolis is also blessed with some of South America’s best nightlife. Brazil is famous for its fun loving culture and Floripa does not disappoint in that department, featuring some of the hottest bars, clubs and restaurants you'll find anywhere. Whether it's the velvet rope and champagne lounges you're after, or relaxed bars featuring live Brazilian music, Floripa has a little bit of something for everyone. International travelers are consistently blown-away by the quality, and quantity, of nightlife options in Floripa, as well as the many choices in excellent restaurants that the island offers.

And when you're ready for a break from surfing, Floripa offers a huge variety of extreme sport adventures - just about everything short of snow skiing, in fact. We're talking yoga, sandboarding, paragliding, snorkeling, hiking, river rafting, horseback riding, massage therapy, windsurfing, kitesurfing, Brazilian jiu jitsu and more. Rarely does one destination facilitate so many adventure sports options, so even if surfing is your primary focus, rest assured that your Florianopolis vacation will be action packed both in and out of the water.

Visiting Florianopolis also means immersion into vibrant Brazilian culture, everything from Brazilian Culture samba dancing and Carnaval to local cuisine and caipirinhas, historical points of interest and cultural sites. Getting to know Floripa means you'll get a glimpse of what it really means to catch the Brazilian vibe.

As far as where to stay while in Florianopolis, Floripa Vacation Homes offers fully-staffed private residences ideally located in Praia Mole Beach. Here you will be directly in front of two world-class surfing beaches (Praia Mole and Galheta) and within easy walking distance to the stunning Lagoa da Conceição lagoon, as well as just minutes away by car from the charming Lagoa town center where you will find everything you need during your stay in Florianopolis, including the island's best dining and nightlife, shops and boutiques, trendy cafes, banks, supermarkets and more. Floripa Vacation Homes accommodations feature amenities discerning travelers expect (but often won’t find in Brazil!) such as air conditioning, wireless high speed internet access, international phonelines, cable tv, private backyards with BBQ area and more.

Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

Florianopolis is a destination that truly offers a vacation like no other. Brazilian Beach Beauty With so many options to choose from and so many fun activities both day and night, the hardest thing about your Florianopolis holiday will be having to leave when your vacation is up.

And not only will you be safe in the water while surfing in Florianopolis (no sharks or reefs to worry about!), you’ll also be safe outside the water as well. While the largest cities in Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, are plagued by crime and have received plenty of negative press as a result, Floripa is the capital of Santa Catarina, one of the richest per capita states in Brazil, and there is very little crime on the island. Locals often leave their doors unlocked, kids play in the streets and residents hitchhike (and get picked up!) regularly because it’s that safe, so what better destination for your Brazil vacation.

Brazilians as a whole are incredibly friendly and are quick to open their arms to foreign tourists, so bring a positive attitude and a healthy dose of curiosity and your vacation in Florianopolis will include not only the waves and time of your life, but new friendships that will themselves last a lifetime.

Nexus Brazil Surf Experience