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Florianopolis Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports in FlorianopolisBrazil Windsurfing

There are a huge variety of extreme sports options in Florianopolis, so whether your muscles need a day off from the intense surf sessions or you’re just looking for a new adventure to make your vacation experience that much more memorable, you've come to the right place to make it happen. 

Florianopolis extreme sports options include:

Kitesurfing either in the ocean or in the Lagoa – kiteboarding is an incredible rush and should not be missed. Beginner lessons available.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for beginners to blackbelts, learn advanced techniques of the world's most effective martial art.

Windsurfing in the beautiful Lagoa da Conceição lagoon or on the open ocean at Praia Mole beach.

Sandboarding in the sand dunes near Joaquina beach. Think snowboarding minus cold and snow, plus bikinis and shorts.

Motorcycle tours with rentals located in the Lagoa towncenter.

Para-gliding off of the cliffs high above Praia Mole beach or off the famous Morro da Lagoa -- you won't find a more stunning view anywhere in Florianópolis, or perhaps the entire world for that matter.

Snorkeling and diving with absolutely incredible marine wildlife just a short distance off the coast of Florianópolis accessible by boat.

Boat tours to charming fishing villages inaccessible by car or deserted island paradises.

River rafting tours just about an hour outside of Florianópolis.

Ecological hikes that take you to the edge of breathtaking cliffs and through lush green forests in remote parts of the island.

Yoga and Pilates available on Praia Mole beach or in the nearby Lagoa towncenter.

Swimming in deep rocky ravines and caves where natural springs are fed by seasonal waterfalls.

Massage Therapy at a choice of indoor/outdoor massage studios in Praia Mole beach and the Lagoa towncenter.

All of these adventure sports options are at your fingertips in Florianopolis. For information on arranging any of the above activities, contact renata@nexussurf.comBrazilian Beach

And of course you needn’t feel pressured to try any of these extreme sports activities. Many visitors end up being so enchanted with the Brazilian culture and the way of life in Floripa that they are content to make like the locals and spend most of their time relaxing on the beach, enjoying the island vibe, making new friends and partying – hard to argue with that!!

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