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Learn Jiu Jitsu in Brazil
Learn Jiu Jitsu in Florianopolis
Florianopolis Jiu Jitsu Camp
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp
Jiu Jitsu in Florianopolis
jiu jitsu instructor - Marvio Charles

Jiu Jitsu Camp

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

What better place to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu, the widely-recognized king of modern day martial arts disciplines, than in its birth place - Brazil. Florianopolis offers exposure to world-class jiu jitsu training, including top-notch instructors, a highly competitive atmosphere and great training facilities.

In Florianopolis you will have the opportunity to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu with the world’s best instructors, trainers and fighters in an amazingly authentic setting that could not be duplicated anywhere outside of Brazil. Training jiu jitsu in Florianopolis means extensive contact with all aspects of the sport, and no matter what your age, gender or level of current jiu jitsu skill and traning, you will come away a better, stronger and sharper jiu jitsu fighter with superior techniques and training methods.

So come see for yourself what has led Brazilian jiu jitsu to dominate the world martial arts scene over the past century. And of course while in Floripa you also have the option to experience the natural beauty, culture and adventure sports highlights that together make it such a fascinating place!

History of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazil is a country known for many rich traditions such as samba, soccer, capoeira and Carnaval. But Brazilian jiu jitsu is arguably the one which has had the most impact globally when one considers the level of influence the art has had on the evolution of modern day self-defense and martial arts techniques around the world.

With roots in India, jiu jitsu later emigrated to Japan, where the art was further honed and developed, prior to being brought to Brazil by Master Mitsuo Maeda Koma. One of the first disciples of the sport in Brazil, Carlos Gracie, became the lighting rod that sparked a craze for jiu jitsu first in his family, and then an entire country. Jiu jitsu’s dominance was brought to the world stage only relatively recently in the famous Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) in the United States, where Royce Gracie (a direct descendant of Carlos Gracie’s) defeated all manners of opponents bigger and stronger than him using only Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques. Today jiu jitsu has become a fundamental part of all Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters’ professional training regimens, and is also the official system adopted by many police and military elite forces such as the U.S. Army Rangers.

Training jiu jitsu allows students to improve their self-esteem, concentration, confidence, coordination, discipline and physical conditioning, all while having an incredible time and creating lasting bonds of friendship and respect with instructors and fellow trainees. It is the sport which, aside from requiring tremendous physical exertion, can best be equated with the mental rigors of chess (except of course that rather than moving wooden figurines, your body and your opponents body become the game pieces!).

Jiu Jitsu Program in Florianopolis

Learning jiu jitsu in Florianopolis is appropriate for a broad range of students, irrespective of age, gender or current skill level. The recommended length of an initial jiu jitsu training module is 7 days, though custom training modules can be tailored to any schedule, and there is a program that will suit each level of skill and interest accordingly. Groups are divided into the following classes: beginner (those with limited (i.e., white belt) or no training experience), advanced (those who are already involved with jiu jitsu training (i.e., blue, purple and brown belts)) and black belt (high-level training for proven black belt fighters) and the program includes, as appropriate for each student’s ability level:

• Daily training sessions with top-notch professional jiu jitsu instructors (with gi) – classes will cover basic through advanced techniques, allowing beginner students to learn to roll effectively and advanced practitioners to hone their fight game.

• Advanced sessions (no gi) that will teach techniques allowing the student togain an idea of the training of professional MMA fighters.

• MMA basics lessons teaching movements and techniques that break down the dynamics of MMA fight mechanics and strategies.

• MMA advanced lessons teaching movements and techniques that can help the fighter take their MMA fight capabilities to the next level.

• Visits to the one of the top Gracie Academy in the world. Students will have full access to train in the Gracie Floripa Academy, one of the top academies in the world that boasts a number of champion Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters in in all belt classifications.

• Black belt fighters will have the additional benefit of private training sessions with the top black belt instructors from the Gracie Floripa Academy, experiencing first-hand the most dynamic and cutting edge training methods available anywhere in the world.